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Movies: All-Time Favorites – Expanded

Finally, I’m putting together my list of 25 All Time Favorite Films. I’ve always been a huge movie fan and tried several times to put together a top 25 list. Last year I blogged about my Top 10. Problem is, … Continue reading

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Robin Hood’s birthday, really?!? – Really!

Did you know that June 20th is Robin Hood’s birthday? Well, not exactly. It’s actually Errol Flynn’s birthday. But he was Robin Hood, right? The first time I saw Errol Flynn was while watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. … Continue reading

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Orville and Wilbur…..and David?!?

Last month my favorite non-fiction writer came out with his latest book. David McCullough’s newest is The Wright Brothers, who we all remember from grade school history class but actually know very little about. McCullough is just the historian to … Continue reading

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