Here are a variety of interesting (and maybe a little oddball) things that I like and believe are of value.

Mr. Andrews is a “National Poetry Slam champion.” If nothing else, at least check out the first 2 minutes, and I think you’ll finish the rest.

Poetry isn’t something I get very excited about but this video by Sekou Andrews is excellent – It’s funny, it’s touching, and it’s inspiring.

* * * * *

The host of CBS’ The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson, “hits a home run” with Why Things Suck, a three minute monologue on youth, stupidity and inexperience.

* * * * *

Laugh and Live, by Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
A fun, FREE, and entertaining eBook, Laugh and Live, by Douglas Fairbanks Sr. was first published in 1917. Douglas Fairbanks Sr., would probably be consider the worlds first Great Action Hero in film. The popular silent movie star was also a founding member of United Artists film Studio in 1919.
This Self-Help book contains Fairbanks’ positive thinking and personal system for leading a good, healthy, and successful life. Old fashioned in style, and at times kind of corny, it’s still a fun little book. Download it free here at Project Gutenberg.

* * * * *

The Most Interesting Man in the World – The TV and radio commercials for Dos Equis are priceless. This video is a wonderful compilation of the quotes, commercials, and more.


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