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Pioneers and Heroes – and the Final Frontier

“I watched other men walk on the Moon, and return safely, all from the confines of Mission Control and our house in Houston. I sometimes catch myself looking up at the Moon, remembering the changes of fortune in our long … Continue reading

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Movies: 2014 vs 2013

Thinking about a Top Ten list of movies for 2014 is a bit of a problem. First, I didn’t get to see as many movies this past year as I usually do. Second, I moved on November 1, and then … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions?!?…Nope – I’m just Grateful

It’s not that I’m not a generally happy person or that I have a hard time being thankful. It’s just that in the “busy-ness” of each day, the craziness of life, I know I’ve missed so many of the little … Continue reading

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