Here you find some of my favorite links, some great sites with loads of info for guys.

The Purpose: to encourage, enlighten, give hope, direction, inspire, add wisdom and input into our lives, like the mentor that most of us men never had.

Books: Becoming a member of Goodreads allowed me, among other things, to keep up with what friends and colleagues have read and are reading as well as a good way to get input on books I might be interested in reading. Also, Project Gutenberg has a host of free ebooks available for download in a variety of formats. I have downloaded a number of adventure, spy, and classic books from here.

Movies: For access to a lot of great classic film’s and additional info, check out Turner Classic Movies. There is lots of movie info here. And, obviously, at the Internet Movie Database you will find masses of film info.

Knowledge: Sites that are overflowing with great information are: the Library of Congress website, and, I have found quite a lot of varied and excellent information and observations at Forbes online.

Manly men: If you are looking for a massive amount of “Manly” information; you need not look any further than the Art of Manliness website.

Women (and Men): This link is really for the woman in your life. If you want to be better understood, and to better understand the woman in your life, this is a goldmine. Give the gift of sending her on the two day Workshop for Women: Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women. Both my wife and my married daughter cannot speak more highly of the Alison Armstrong workshops they have attended. And for women who attend, it is the men in their lives that benefit immeasurably. Alison understands the male/female relationship probably better than anyone around.


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